Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm looking forward to...

My first little pink tulip to poke her gentle little head out of the ground.
Stolen lilacs. Yes, stolen. Although, maybe I might be able to pick one branch from my own this year.

Grape Hyacinths which I can sooo relate to because sometimes little things have to be bold!

Fresh little buds on all of the trees and bushes. I'm crossing my fingers that the trees we planted last year will all be alive.

Buttons had not only spring fever, but summer fever, in January I had to tell her that it just wasn't quite time to be sporten the sun glasses. Although, she just looks so darn cute in them!

New post on Lacy's Blessing about Q.
Love, Lacy


Donna said...

Oh, Lacy, I am with you! I am so anxious for signs of spring in our little yard! It has been a long, cold New England winter! Is Buttons not the cutest little doggie ever? OMG, how sweet in her glasses! hahah Have a great weekend!... Donna

Kristi said...

Lacy, I still couldn't leave comments on your other blog, so I will leave you one here. :) I loved this post! I can't wait to have my own landscaping, that is the main reason I miss our old house.

Queston looks so handsome in his uniform. What an amazing talent! Keep going Queston! :)

Carolyn said...

Hi Lacy,
I am looking forward to all that beauty too!

Thank you for letting me know about the hydrangea-it sounds like it might be like Endless Summer in my garden-very disappointing.
Take care,

Georgianna said...

Yes, it won't be long, Lacy! Look forward to seeing photos when everything is in bloom!

Donna said...

Hi Lacy - we are STILL waiting here in New England! They're predicting a big April Fool's day snowstorm! Eeeks! Hope spring arrives soon for al of us!... Donna

Donna said...

Hey Lacy! I loved the story about the little boys thinking the chickens laid the eggs! How cute is that. Hope you have a great week!... Donna

Ouro azul said...

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Beijinhos, Ouro Azul.