Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lavender Delphinium

With our Lavender hose. He he

New update on Lacy'sBlessings.
Love, Lacy

One flew over the cookoo coop...

Earlier in the spring my rogue of a husband decided he was going to get chickens. Because I didn't grow up in the country or on a farm I was a little skeptical. I finally said, " Okay, but your cleaning out the coop."
Before I finished my sentence he was walking in with a box of baby chicks.
As my hubby started to build the coop it just kept getting more elaborate and we would have people stopping and saying, What a darling playhouse your building!
Um... well... actually... it's a chicken coop. What! all of that for chickens?
Here's a picture right after the rogue moved the coop (which has wheals) and our veggie garden was just starting.
The rogue put cute little letters on the egg door! I think it's a darling touch and I'm so grateful that soon we will have non-hormone eggs for my little children to eat.

He added a window box. Which may have been a default for the rogue because next year he's making me some for OUR house.
So cute and Just a little secret here...He planted it himself. So cute of him.

Here's a side view. My sunflowers are in front of it and now you can't even see the coop from this angle.

A shot of one of the Rogue's tenants. Mrs. Tenant says that she is very pleased with her apartment and will be paying him with eggs soon.

This last shot is of the front. (I know my shot was off. sorry)
Anyways, It's darling my hunny. Now your challenge is to make a playhouse even to out due the coop. Can it be done?
Anyone else out there have chickens?
It's a definite trend in my town and state. But I think it's a good healthy trend.