Saturday, March 5, 2011

My bloggy soul faded away with my garden

I'm catching up on my poor neglected blogs.
Last fall my life became crazy. I had one child in morning kindergarten and one in afternoon preschool.( Over here in Roosey town we don't have the luxury of a bus one way for kindergarten.) I was now in scouts. I had the girls in dance for the first time
and Q in karate. I was just trying to survive like my roses that kept blooming half way through November. (Roses never bloom in November here.) I can honestly say, I have never felt so busy and my mind so clouded. I've had a very traumatic year, that thankfully has only affected me. But My body was tired like these poor sunflowers down here.
My heart a little let down.
Blogging was the last thing I had time for or even cared about.

My bloggy soul faded away with my garden.

But now I'm trying to squeeze in a little time for blogging and get caught up on some pics. So I hope you don't mind a few pics from last year.

Hopefully, the mud will dry out soon and the daffodils will bloom!
Love, Lacy


Kandice said...

I enjoyed catching up with a few of your pictures!-no matter how old old they were :)
Try to keep it up!!!

Georgianna said...

Hi Lacy! How lovely to hear from you! And to hear that you are coming to Oregon. I think the Lilac Garden is well worth it, and your dates should be a good time, just before the crowds but in time for the lilacs. I think it's about an hour or maybe less from Portland. Email me with any other questions. Hope you are feeling recharged. xo – g

jen hulet said...

I would love to read "lacy's blessings" I am Brandy Berlin's Aunt... if you don't mind my email is jennifer@donhulet.com. Thanks