Thursday, March 10, 2011

My parlor at chistmas.

In the past, my front room has always been pinkish or purplish. But this year I decided to go with brown and white. I made some cinnimon ornaments. Grab some things from around the house and bought three darling little chandilier ornaments and wa la. I had a new tree.
The kids and I had a lot of fun decorating it and I really liked how it turned out. I think I'll do the same thing next year.

This is our family tree. It has all the kids ornaments on it. It's fun and wimsical! You can see more of our christmas day posted on March 10 at Lacys Blessings or click on the link on my sidebar.
What sweet little blessings I have!
Love, Lacy


Donna said...

Hi Lacy! Thanks for stopping by! I just love this blogpost, including the title! The word Parlor brings me back to my childhood. It's a word you don't hear used too much today. I'm guilty of saying Living Room, but my mom used Parlor. When did I stop using the word parlor and start using living room? I may go back. The word is warm and fuzzy to me!

Your trees are gorgeous!! I once made cinammon ornaments as well, and it smelled so good! Our tree has always been a conglomeration of everything!

Glad to see you again!


Donna said...

Hi Lacy! Oh, the episodes you mentioned are classics! Hope you and yours are having a wonderful weekend!... Donna