Friday, September 24, 2010

An Heirloom

Zinnias Every spring my mom comes bringing a big mayonnaise bottle of Zinnia seeds that come from my grandma's Zinnias. My grandma has gathered these for so many years that these little seeds grow to be huge and beautiful. Bigger than our local greenhouse can grown them.

I lovingly plant these little seeds along the edge of my veggie garden knowing that once they start blooming they will be show stoppers and also keep the bugs away.

There are so many Zinnias that I am able to pick bouquets. This is so special for me because they are the only flowers in my garden that I am able to do that with. Someday, hopefully, I will have many flowers to pick from for bouquets.

When I was finished putting them in the vase I noticed how pretty they look next to my sink. I had to add these antique garden gloves to make a vignette. The gloves are so cute! They are a creamy white and they came from my grandma, as well.I love how these gloves have the bumpy old plastic on them.
What's more cheerful than Zinnias with sunflowers?

Even the little creatures in my garden love the Zinnias. These great big bumble bees are constant little guest at our house and we welcome them gladly!

I wasn't able to get a great picture but the humming birds came to visit also. If you come and sit quietly (My kids and I love this!) You might just get lucky enough to have a humming bird buzz you head!

The cold is coming and as the Zinnias fade I pluck there sweet little heads and put them in my own Mayonnaise jar for next spring. Maybe someday 60 years from now, my own grandchildren or great grandchildren will barrow my mayonnaise jar of seeds and plant their own crop of Zinnias. I sure hope so!

Love, Lacy
p.s. You can see my kids first day of school at Lacys Blessings.


Anonymous said...

ha, I will try out my thought, your post give me some good ideas, it's truly awesome, thanks.

- Norman

Georgianna said...

Your zinnias are so beautiful, Lacy! Such happy colors, aren't they? I love the idea that your grandchildren will one day have their own garden planted with your zinnia seeds. – g

tracirabin said...

Your zinnias are gorgeous! They look so cheerful w/the sunflowers.

Anonymous said...

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Georgianna said...

Hi Lacy, Happy New Year! Thank you for stopping by, my dear. I'm sorry to leave another comment here but I don't have access to your other blog.

I hope you have been well and that 2011 is wonderful for you and your family!

xo – g

betty said...

That view is really amazing!

cindy said...

Beautiful! I'm so excited for Spring!